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doper than dope

Gearing up for my 2019 releases, I'll be starting this year off with the Release of "The Rebirth"  a 14 song journey into my life,vision and perspective. From where it all began as nothing more than a simple thought to the place where it now resides as a part of my soul. Going back to the essence of what it all means to me, I found myself up countless nights contemplating on the direction I wanted to go on this particular project, 

But in the end I found myself on a very reflective journey often reminiscing on forgotten times when things seemed so simple. From A worry-free youth with no cares in the world to a man on a mission to show and prove that it's more than the glitz and glamour it's about growth. In a time when everything seems micro manufactured to the point of exhaustion. I ultimately decided to go back to the essence bringing that classic boom-Bap sound infused with lyrics of life.



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