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doper than dope

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As a new decade begins, so does the next part of this journey.

After releasing last year’s “The Rebirth” album Moezart 3rd Eye is back better than ever picking up where he last left off, with his latest piece of art entitled 20/20 Hindsight. Though you might find a few similarities between the two rest assured this album is completely different than its predecessor diving deeper into the psych of a true homegrown artist.

Setting the pace with the official release of the lead single and title song 20/20 Hindsight.  Moezart is a musical enigma with a mysterious demeanor where you’ll find yourself drawn in and captivated upon first listen. Some of the highlights of the album include “I’m Reloaded” A hard hitting street anthem sure to get you up and moving. From the drop of the very first horn to the opening lines of the intro, this song is sure to get any hip-hop fan caught in late 90’s nostalgia with this classic banger.

G.M.C.D the second single from 20/20 Hindsight which is the acronym for “Getting Money Counting Doe” is a reflective braggadocio lyrical tale of struggle & triumph, life’s woes seems to be the underlining message conveyed on this track that puts the spotlight and focus on the dualities of what true success means. At times celebrating and other times pondering, this song delivers an in your face fresh perspective on a classic tale.

Another notable stand out is “Fade Away”. An introspective song filled with self-analyzing lyrics of the many trial and tribulations of an aging mc. As the title suggests fade away finds Moezart crooning about leaving it all behind as he rides off into the sunset. Reminiscent of a 70’s western flick, Fade away takes

You to that place in your mind where you find yourself at the crossroads deciding which path to choose.

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