The Man With The Plan

Elwood Cromwell also known as Moezart 3rdEye is an American record producer and the CEO of Dac Harmony Grove. Overseeing activities directly related to making products or providing services. Applying elements of music theory to create musical and tonal structures, including harmonies and melodies.Assuming sole responsibility for sound design, formulated music scores, development of talent, songwriting and marketing to name a few. Participating in diversified consulting projects to develop overall business strategies. 

Dac Harmony Grove

With us music has no limits. We stand for Artistry and Development


Whatever Your Style

Dac Harmony Grove is committed to appealing to a wide range of fans and musicians, and is willing to work with all genres

and with all instruments. We have experience in Hip-hop, Indie, Latin pop, Rock, Metal and Electro, and enjoy experimenting with new styles. Our recording, marketing, and video design teams are highly flexible, and are trained to promote commercial success without interfering in the creative processes of our artists. As the artist, you know music making best. All we do is make 

your music popular and profitable.

Proven. Progressive. Passionate.

A natural born rebel destined for greatness, Moezart 3rdEye has established himself 

as one of today's New Age maestro's with a unique universal sound, witty and catchy hooks and top notch beats that are bar none. Andthe saying goes, A musical genius comes around once every so often. that saying couldn't be more true when speaking of Moezart 3rdEye He has been blessed with many gifts and talents throughout his years in this music industry.